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Study Guide

This section is designed to help you with your study. It will help you to work more efficiently, manage your study time, improve your presentation of work, increase your ability to remember facts and concepts, and get the most out of your chosen course.

Improving Learning Skills Course

Studying is more than gathering information and reproducing it in assessment tasks such as essays and examinations. Studying involves knowing how to approach a problem, analysing the problem, identifying what you already know, deciding how to gather more information, and much more. This section will help you gain and improve your skills in studying.

Course outline


Studying is an active process. Open learning materials enable adult learners to take responsibility for their own learning. This course has been prepared as an open learning resource for people who wish to undertake a learning programme that involves them preparing for a period of studying. It is designed either to form part of any course of study or may be used as a freestanding guide by students.

You can use this course, as an active learner, to identify: 


This course will enable you to improve your study skills and it is designed for students, practitioners and other people involved in learning and/or being assessed.


Cost of course: FREE to Elearnuk students

Cost to non-Elearnuk students: £125.00

Job Interview Skills

Getting the job you want is not about following rules or giving the 'right' interview answer. It is about presenting yourself in the most authentic way that takes care of you and the interviewers at the same time. So many people throw their chances away: they do not take enough care and interview preparation time so that the whole process is enjoyable, stimulating and informative for both parties. This section aims to show you how.

The Effective Learner Course

This section will consider the importance of study skills and how we can identify and enhance our current skill set. We will then take a closer look at different learning styles and how knowledge of our own preferences in this area can make our learning more effective. Finally we will look at some basic time management techniques to enable you to plan and organise your studies and stay motivated.

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Elearnuk Help

A guide to the Elearnuk system, how to use it, how to contact your tutor - the answers to all these questions and more can be found here.


A collection of games to sharpen your concentration or just take time out from studying.


A collection of reference materials, links to e-journals, and reading lists compiled by our tutors


Looking for a second opinion? The forum is the place for students to share their thoughts and information with each other.

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