The AS course is laid out as follows:

Unit 1
Topic 1 Introduction to Sociology
Initial assignment. Introduction to Tutor
  Topic 2 Culture and Identity
    Assignment 1
Section A Topic 3 Families and households
    Assignment 2
Section B Topic 4 Wealth poverty and welfare
    Assignment 3
Unit 2 Topic 5 Education
    Assignment 4
  Topic 6 Health
    Assignment 5
  Topic 7 Sociological methods
    Assignment 6
  Topic 8 Preparing for the AS exam.

The A2 course is laid out as follows:

Unit 3 Topic 9 Theory and Methods
    Assignment 7
  Topic 10 Global Development
    Assignment 8
  Topic 11 Mass Media
    Assignment 9
  Topic 12 Power and politics
    Assignment 10
Unit 4 Topic 13 Crime and Deviance
    Assignment 11
  Topic 14 Stratification and Differentiation
    Assignment 12
  Topic 15 Global Development
    Assignment 13
  Topic 16 Preparing for the A2 exam


For a more detailed syllabus, including core themes, integral elements and assessment details, please view this Sociology A Level Syllabus.

This course covers all the content of the AQA Sociology course. You can find the full syllabus for this course at

Study Hours

Approximately 300 hours.