Promote the Wellbeing Children/Young People

In this unit candidates will be able to:

A.    Understand the concepts of developmental stages in the wellbeing of children
B.    To understand the different stages of child development from 6 to 13 years
C.    Explain how Parental Support contributes to the development of children and young people
D.    Describing the support parents/carers need to make healthy choices for the child or young person

Promote and Understand Attachments

In this unit candidates will be able to:

A.    Understand the different adult child attachment styles
B.    Understand how attachments affect the development of children and young people

Promote and Understand Communication

A.    Promote effective communication with individuals and key people
B.    Use appropriate methods to promote effective communication on difficult and sensitive issues
C.    Understand methods to support children and young people to communicate effectively

Promote health and Safety within the home

A.    Be able to understand health, safety and security in the home and environment
B.    Implement systems to manage risk to self, child /young person and others
C.    Be able to take action to minimise risks arising from emergencies
Develop Child’s Aspirations and Awareness

A.    Understand the objectives of Raising Aspirations
B.    Promote Children and young people through development and support

Understand and Promote the balance of Middle Years

A.    Understand and Promote the Middle Years
B.    Understand the effects of growing up in a changing society
C.    Understand the impact of the primary to secondary transition

Promote confidence and self esteem

A.    Understand children and young people’s social and emotional characteristic
B.    Understand how to promote confidence, self esteem and awareness
C.    Understand the overall needs through social and environmental influences

Understand Children’s Emotions and Stress

A.    Be able to understand children and young people’s emotions and stress; physical, mental and emotional
B.    Be able to understand, interpret and evaluate children and young people’s emotional development
C.    Be able to understand and respond constructively to emotions

Managing Behaviour issues

A.    Understand how to manage behaviour issues
B.    Encourage children and young people to manage their behaviour
C.    Help children and young people to understand behaviour and consequences
Evaluate and Develop your Practice

A.    Demonstrate continuing development, and contribute to shared learning as a role model to others