Module One Major Developmental Issues

Unit One: The First Year of Life

Unit Two: The Formation of Attachments

Unit Three: Consequences of Breakdowns in Attachments

Unit Four: The Home, Family and School

Unit Five: Basic Principles of Research Methods

Unit Six: The Development of Visual Perception

Unit Seven: The Development of Language and Communication

Unit Eight: Intelligence and Intelligence Testing

Unit Nine: The Nature/Nurture Debate in the Study of Intelligence

Unit Ten: Data Collection and Interpretation

Module Two The Child as an Individual

Unit Eleven: How Children Think

Unit Twelve: Learning Theory - How Behaviour is Acquired

Unit Thirteen: Freud's Psychodynamic Theory - An Alternative Approach

Unit Fourteen: Moral Development

Unit Fifteen: The Development of Gender Roles

Unit Sixteen: Aggression in Children

Unit Seventeen: Methods Used in Child Development Research

Unit Eighteen: Play

Unit Nineteen: Learning in School

Unit Twenty: Behaviour Modification