Section 1: Technology at Work and Technological Change

Technology: definitions and perspectives

Imperatives of technology

Division of labour

Scientific management: contributions of Adam Smith and Charles Babbage

Contribution of F W Taylor

Section 2: Emergence of Fordism

Henry Ford's system


Section 3: Alienation and De-skilling

Marx and alienation

Alienation after Marx

Technology and alienation: the Blauner study

De-skilling: technological development as a means of control


Section 4: After Fordism


Flexible specialisation examined

The flexible firm

Criticisms and evaluation of theories of flexibility

Further evidence on flexible labour approaches

Limits to flexibility

Flexibility: the future - a review of the post-Fordist debate


Section 5: New Technology and Work Organisation

Evolution of new work technology

Information technology and its uses

Replacement or compensation

Impact of new technology upon manufacturing

Impact of new technology in the office