Section One: Making a Contract

What is a contract?

Creating the contract

Agreement - offer

Concluding the agreement - acceptance

Intention to create legal relations


Summary of section one

Section Two: What Can Go Wrong During the Making of a Contract and how it affects the contract

Lack of certainty

Lack of necessary formality

Lack of capacity

Illegal contracts


Summary of section two

Section Three: Contractual Terms

The contents of a contract

Terms and pre-contractual statements

Contractual terms - express and implied

Conditions, warranties and innominate terms

Terms which exclude or limit liability

Summary of section three

Section Four: Discharging a Contract

How contracts come to an end

Discharge by performance

Discharge by agreement

Discharge by breach of contract

Frustration of contracts


Summary of section four

Additional questions

Additional questions: guidance

Tutor-marked Question Paper

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