Part 1 - General practice & account of gastro-intestinal areas

The science & practice of iridology

The information which iridology can give us

The principle of the reflex areas

Intestinal ring

Diagnosis of the constitution based upon fibre structure; exercises

The structure of the eye & iris

Using the iris as a diagnostic tool

Stomach ring

Abnormality in the colon

Autonomic nerve wreath

Part 2 - Features of the fibres outside the autonomic nerve wreath

The general layout of fibres

The principle of lightness & darkness in the iris

The development of discreet lesions

Round the iris chart

Checking structure locations

The neural arc reflex

Inherent weaknesses . First stage of deterioration

Healing lines . Crypts

The organ systems . Practical exercises

Part 3 - Special signs

Introduction . Lymphatic rosary

The anaemia sign . Grey background

Venous congestion . Drug spots

The sodium ring . Arcus selnilis

The catarrhal sign . Scurf rim

Assimilation ring . Psoric spots

Nerve rings . Radius solaris

Practical exercises

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