Module One: Essential Principles

1. Living Things

2. The Chemistry of Life

Module Two: Energy and Respiration 

3. Diet and the Respiratory System

4. Digesting and using food

5. Photosynthesis, Food Chains and Webs

6. The Respiratory System

Module Three : Perception and Reaction

7. Receiving information

8. Acting on information

 Module Four: Physiology and Homeostasis 

9. The Blood Circulatory System

10. Excretion

11. Homeostasis

12. Skeleton and Muscles 

Module Five: Reproduction and Variation 

13. Reproduction

14. Development

15. Genetics

16. Variation and Selection

Module Six: Humans and their Environment

17. Micro-Organisms and Health

18. Defence of the Body against Infection and Illness

19. Treating Injury and Illness

20. Human Populations and Ecosystems

21. Practical Ecology

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