Introduction to Environmental Auditing

1.1 What is environmental auditing?
1.2 Types of audit
1.3 Environmental management system audits

Pre-audit Activities for the Manager

2.1 Selecting the audit team
2.2 Planning the audit

Pre-audit Activities for the Auditor

3.1 Drawing up the audit specification
3.2 Obtaining information before the audit
3.3 Checklists

Conducting the Audit

4.1 The opening meeting
4.2 Evaluation of the EMS
4.3 Interviewing
4.4 Site tour and observations

Evaluating the Audit Results

5.1 Evaluation of the audit results
5.2 The closing meeting
5.3 Recommendations
5.4 The audit report

Environmental Reporting

6.1 Purpose of producing an environmental report
6.2 Writing the report
6.3 Independent validation

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