The qualities needed to counsel others in the therapeutic setting. The first part of the course will concentrate on drugs, addiction, counselling and the rehabilitation process. Towards the end of the course we will cover this in relation to alcohol addiction, counselling and the treatment process.

Assignment one:

The emotional factors in dependency and addiction

Getting the basic data from the client.

Assignment two:

Basic Counselling Skills

Basic Interview Skills

Assignment three:

The counselling relationship

Motivational skills

Assignment four:

Counselling the addicted

Drugs and the Law

Assignment five:

Comprehensive information on drugs




Assignment six:

Continuation of information on drugs

Glue, gases and aerosols

Anabolic Steroids

Assignment seven:

Coping with cravings

Coping with boredom

Warning signs of a relapse

Planning a change

Assignment eight:

Detoxication and rehabilitation of the user

Assignment nine:

What you should now about addiction to alcohol

Effects of alcohol to the body

Effects of alcohol to the family

Assignment ten:

Conducting the diagnostic interview

Assignment eleven:

Counsellors assessment and diagnosis of the problem

Assignment twelve:

Creating a treatment plan in relation to alcoholism

Assignment thirteen:

Treating the individual

Assignment fourteen:

Patient/Client programmes

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