Qualification: Diet & Nutrition Level 3 Certificate (RQF)

The IAO Level 3 Certificate in Diet and Nutrition (RQF) is designed to equip learners with an understanding of the principles of nutrition and how to create dietary plans for individuals with different needs. This qualification focuses on dietary planning for a wide range of individuals and groups including; children and young people, older adults, individuals engaged in sports and exercise and individuals with restricted diets. This qualification covers a wide range of nutritional issues including; food additives and labelling, healthy eating, weight management and roles and responsibilities within the field.

Requirements for Entry

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification and it is suitable for elarners aged 16 and above.

Ths qualification is suitable for a wide range of learners who are looking to improve their understanding of nutrition and dietary planning. Learners may find it useful to have completed a Level 2 qualification in this or a related area.