1) 2 Official CIW course books.

2) Additional CIW Exam Study Guide: This prepares you for the CIW 1D0-520 E-Commerce Specialist exam. It includes overviews and information on how to take the exams, a table of all exam domains, objectives and sub-objectives, summarised content sections on what you need to know for the exam and sample exam questions.

3) Convenient online access to official practice exams: These are tests designed to help reinforce your learning and assess your knowledge of specific skills objectives. The practice exams feature:

You will have online access to the practice exams for one year.

4) CIW Online Exercises: These test your knowledge of the topics presented in the course and help you prepare for the certification exam. The exercises include flash cards, matching exercises, true-false questions, crossword puzzles and fill-in-the-blank exercises. You will have online access to these exercises for one year.

5) CIW E-Commerce Specialist Online Review Questions: These are a variety of tests that cover each of the lessons in the course and consist of lesson reviews, lesson quizzes, course reviews and course tests. The questions for each test are drawn from a larger pool of questions. You will have online access to these questions for one year.

6) Official CIW interactive movie clips relevant to the course contents. You will have online access to these movies for one year.

7) Online Live Labs (30 Hours Access): These give remote access to all of the software covered within the CIW E-Commerce Specialist course. The following software packages are covered within the Live Labs: Microsoft Windows Server 2003, with the following components: Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) v6.0; Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2; Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later; Netscape 7.2 or later (optional); Mozilla Firefox 1.0.4 or later (optional); ShopFactory V7; Microsoft SQL Server 2005; Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2; Microsoft Visual Studio 2005; Microsoft Commerce Server 2007; Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 Service Pack 2; Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 Starter Site – Release 2; Webserver Stress Tool; Webreporter; CyberSource; Almyta; Adobe Reader 7.0 or later).