1) Official CIW course book.

2) CIW Online Exam Guide: This prepares you for the CIW ID0-620 exam. It includes overviews and information on how to take the exams, a table of all exam domains, objectives and sub-objectives, summarised content sections on what you need to know for the exam and sample exam questions.

3) CIW Practice Exams: These are tests designed to help reinforce your learning and assess your knowledge of specific skills objectives. The practice exams consist of the following:

You will have online access to the practice exams for one year.

4) Downloadable Student Files: These are associated files required to complete exercises within the course and are available for download from the CIW website. The files can include the following:

You will have online access to the student files for one year.

5) CIW Movies: These are movie clips that provide supplementary instruction in a multimedia format and enhance the course book narrative and labs. This content is not intended to replace the course book content and is an addition to the official course content. You will have online access to the movie clips for one year.

6) CIW Course Mastery: This is a tool that delivers CIW course review questions. It is based on research in learning and memory and provides an accelerated teaching solution that reduces training time and boosts retention of material in your memory to provide 100-percent mastery of all content. You can use Course Mastery after each lesson to review the material, identify the concepts you understand and those that you still need to learn. You will have online access to Course Mastery for one year.

7) CIW Exercises: These test your knowledge of the topics presented in the course and help you prepare for the certification exam. The exercises include flash cards, matching exercises, true-false questions, crossword puzzles and fill-in-the-blank exercises. You will have online access to these exercises for one year.