Preparing for a 2hour exam or preparing for the rest of your life?

Posted on 23-04-2012

Examiners, Teachers, Lecturers, Professors and Parents tend to over panic and worry students who sit exams.

An sample exam layout is quite simple – sit in a room that is silenced, with several peers either side of you in single desks, with seemingly random people walking up and down the aisles created by the desks in a slow fashion, and being provided with a question paper(s) and being instructed that you have 2 hours to answers 3 of 6 questions.

All an exam is, is to see if you have learnt the materials that you have been taught over the year etc. and seeing if you are able to take what you have learnt, agree/ disagree with it and provides reason and example to support your argument. This is the majority of exams that are not sciences e.g. Physics, Maths etc. but exams more business subjects, history, English etc.

Preparing for an exam is fairly straightforward; we have provided a few hints and tips for studying in previous blogs Study Tips from Stonebridge. But the most important to remember is like Corporal Jones’ says in Dads Army – DON’T PANIC!

Exams are drilled into students that exams will decide whether you can become a lawyer or a doctor or your dream job or not. Therefore teachers etc. can create frenzy or a state of fear for and think that an exam hall is a do or die place and the slightest spelling error at 16 will destroy your career prospects with one fell swoop. This is simply not the case.

When it comes to exams, remain confident in your ability and your knowledge of the study topic, have a clear mind and most of all DON’T PANIC! Worry will take over the majority of your mind stead you will spend more time worrying about the exam than actually studying for it and then actually writing the answers.

As well as the study tips from previous blogs we also have an Exam Preparation Course which will help you across a range of topics from Assessing the different types of questions, creating effective revision plans and further exam revision tips.


  • Daniela
    15-03-2013 03:17:27
    Great points!
  • AstralW
    15-02-2013 20:24:22
    It's good to learn how to keep calm and not to panic with exams. Panic will only cloud the mind and block the concentration!
  • Debs
    04-01-2013 18:35:16
    Personally, I prefer to have a mixture of coursework and exam, if an exam is needed. I am a more practical person and so the coursework suits me well. Whereas, I find it difficult to remember lots and lots of facts. So, the combination is better for me.
  • Wendy
    19-12-2012 12:27:14
    Although I am in favour of exams they do seem to put an unconscious pressure on you as you start to doubt your ability to recall information whilst sat in 'exam conditions'. However, they are still important to the learning process because we if replied on 'course work' or projects only to pass exams - then this removes the skills of 'information retention' and makes us lazy - replying purely on short term memory and how good we are at copying out of books and Internets.
  • rebecca bath
    10-12-2012 15:13:33
    I study and revise over and over because when it comes to the actual exam i forget lol, i just keep studying and preparing over and over so i remember when it comes to the day and all prepared. Taking notes! Sticky notes you can stick on the pages..
  • daniela
    08-12-2012 04:00:35
    it's good not to over study. just read and understand
  • rebecca bath
    20-11-2012 14:36:23
    its good to plan brainstorms and go over your work to study what you need to learn. Everyone deals with exams in there own way so there are many pointers to go with, but some are better than others, example a quiet place to study means you are taking things in better than noise around you
  • Jodie
    28-09-2012 16:37:45
    I can't recommend having a study/revision plan strongly enough for exam preparation. Try to prepare yourself as much as possible, practice writing for the designated times and practice answering similar questions to those in the exam in a timed manner. If possible get hold of past exam papers to give you a feel for what to expect. I really think arming yourself with as much knowledge as possible related to the type of exam, its timings and types of questions is the key to successfully completing an exam.
  • Jo Swan
    28-06-2012 11:41:40
    Wish I'd read this post before my exam this month some really good tips here!
  • Kizzi Keast
    31-05-2012 16:20:22
    Exam preparation is definitely a personal thing. Every deals with the stresses of exams completely differently.
  • Melissa Phillips
    14-05-2012 22:14:42
    I remember my exams, I took GCSE's and A levels, art was my favourite, nothing better than sitting for 6 hours painting while listening to music, now thats my kind of exam!
  • Vivi Anderson
    05-05-2012 19:43:45
    Some Fantastic tips there and the range of courses for exam preparation are great too

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