2nd Stonebridge Superfans Revealed!!!

Posted on 01-06-2012

Our 2nd superfan competition has ended - all the points totalled and verified and we are proud to announce that the first ever Stonebridge Superfans are:

1st - Lindsay Romano – 5,305 Points

2nd - Scott Cook – 2,730 Points

3rd - Melissa Philips – 2,545 Points

4th - Kizzi Keast – 2,525 Points

5th - Jane Elizabeth Grost – 2,130 Points

The above Superfans will have the choice to choose from a range of prizes including a Games Console, TV, Laptop, Gift Sets, Kindle and a range of Vouchers.

All of the Superfans who finished in the top 20 all receive a free Stonebridge Superfan T-Shirt.

Check out the Top 10 Final Standings Below:


On behalf of everyone here at Stonebridge Colleges, congratulations to everyone who entered and good luck for the 3rd Superfan Competition which has already begun!

Login to Superfan Round 3 Here & Claim "65" FREE Superfan Points

Good Luck Everyone,

Best Regards


  • Debs
    28-03-2013 18:27:15
    I can't believe Superfan is ending :(
  • April Thewlis
    03-01-2013 15:42:36
    superfan is very addictive and interacting with others is fun xxxx
  • rebecca bath
    17-12-2012 15:10:09
    yes wendy its soo addicitive! :) worked so hard to be in the top spot this time round! :)
  • Wendy
    17-12-2012 11:48:28
    I had no idea what Superfan was until about a month or two ago - now I'm hooked
  • rebecca bath
    16-11-2012 08:30:40
    well done everyone, great competition, i hope i win this round! determined too lol.. nice work everyone! this shows how many people study with elearn and stonebridge! a good reputation
  • Lynn
    14-11-2012 00:06:45
    Congrats to the winners!
  • rebecca bath
    13-11-2012 13:46:45
    well done, so exciting! i hope to win this time round :)
  • Sophie
    10-11-2012 10:45:21
    Well-done to all the winners
  • rebecca bath
    10-11-2012 07:54:15
    ace competition, well done to everyone who took part and thanks to stonebridge for making this competition for us :)
  • rebecca bath
    09-11-2012 10:15:20
    well done lindsey, great competition. well done to all of you.
  • Sarah
    11-09-2012 17:15:39
    that's a lot of points!!
  • Chris
    28-08-2012 12:53:26
    still trying to find my way around the whole Superfan thing... but its looking good
  • Jodie
    21-08-2012 12:40:05
    Oooh have lots more points than this round, yikes!!! :o)
  • Jodie
    25-07-2012 15:07:01
    such great scores - I'm hopeful I can reach the top for round 3!! ingers crossed :o)
  • hayley johnson
    10-07-2012 17:02:38
    I want to win!
  • Melissa Phillips
    17-06-2012 21:27:37
    So pleased with my thrid place, I opted for Amazon voucher,s though not sure what to buy! Thankyou sooo much :)

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