Why choose a distance learning course?

Posted on 13-02-2012

Are you stuck in a rut at work and not making much progress with finding a more rewarding position??

This is a common situation for many people thanks to the recent economic climate – then you may want to consider broadening your knowledge or formalising your existing proficiency with a relevant vocational qualification.

It may be that your ideal job is in an entirely differently sector or requires a whole new set of skills, in which case a targeted vocational course can often help to overcome a lack of hands on experience. If, on the other hand, you are seeking a pay rise or promotion within your existing company then showing commitment through further study could be just the thing to demonstrate your credentials and ambition to your boss.

Study in your own time

You don’t have to attend college and waste a whole session completing enrolment forms and paperwork, being shown around the building, having a lesson on how to use the library and going through the health and safety and fire procedures then have to wait whilst they process a student pass.

You don’t have to wait until the next time until you’re in college to submit an assignment. You can simply email it and it is usually returned to me the next day and I can proceed with the next one at my own pace.

Combine studying with your existing commitments

If you work full-time or part time and have children you can learn at any time, dip in and out or delegate a whole evening to learning and don’t have the stress if circumstances arise that means you cannot do this – you can simply just reschedule to do it another time. In today’s increasingly busy society, distance learning also means that there is no need to attend classes at a set time every week, which can test the commitment of even the most dedicated student.

Distance learning can be fitted around existing professional and personal responsibilities, allowing people to gain a new qualification while maintaining their earning power, family life and leisure time. If you are seeking to improve your profile within your existing organisation then distance learning will allow you to demonstrate drive and aptitude without impacting on your current responsibilities.

No start dates necessary

You don’t have to listen to other student’s questions or have the tutor tied up by other students – the tutor is there specifically for your needs.

A clear advantage of distance learning is the significantly enhanced level of flexibility when compared to traditional courses. This means that you can gain your qualification as quickly as possible and maximise employment opportunities. Rather than being tied to academic term dates - which might mean waiting almost a whole year should an enrolment deadline be missed - distance learning can generally start at any time.

Having no deadlines

With distance learning, you progress at your own pace and submit work or take exams when you are fully ready to do so. This means that if other areas of your life suddenly demand more attention – such as job hunting or increased commitments at work.

Less pressure

If the idea of going back into a classroom is daunting then you’re not alone. In fact, 16 per cent of respondents to our survey said that distance learning would allow them to avoid feeling embarrassed in front of their peers should they get something wrong or take longer to pick up a particular concept. This shows that confidence can be a real issue in inhibiting adult learning, which can be easily addressed by taking study out of the classroom environment.


  • AstralW
    15-02-2013 20:33:48
    I'm happy with the courses taken with Stonebridge, and right now enjoying the Japanese Holistic one! So much to learn.
  • Mrshaines12@yahoo.co.uk
    05-12-2012 14:59:10
    im loving the ddistance learning course i am doing at the minute! it really is giving me something to look forward in an otherwise very boring and mundane future
  • rebecca bath
    23-11-2012 08:31:18
    i love distance learning courses! they are affordable than uni, you can do it when you like and still get a diploma. You can study at your own pace, in the comfort of you home! i think its great and would reckonmend to anyone!
  • rebecca bath
    19-11-2012 11:34:04
    distance learning courses are the best, you have no deadlines, you can do it in your own comfort in your home, there are lots of positives that makes distance learning made for everyone.
  • rebecca bath
    14-11-2012 16:59:17
    distance learning courses are def for me, you can do it in your own time and i have a family to look after, so its perfect, i couldnt have childcare because i would feel like abandoning my daughter, when this is the best way to educate
  • Lynn
    14-11-2012 00:36:23
    Distance learning is great! You can study at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home - that's what I love about it!
  • rebecca bath
    10-11-2012 08:01:56
    its convienent, i have a 3 year old daughter so studying in my own time is perfect as i didnt want to put her in child care, was cheaper for me to do this. :)
  • rebecca bath
    08-11-2012 15:58:37
    studying at home was my best choice as i have a 3 year old daughter and i didnt want her going into childcare, so best of both worlds, i study and look after her.. which is great!
  • April Thewlis
    29-10-2012 13:52:16
    You can study where and when you want I have 4 children and I study around them.
  • Maxine Dorey
    12-10-2012 12:43:09
    Distance learning fits in with everyones lifestyle. I am a mother of one and I do adhoc work for a few companies and I am currently on my second course with Stonebridge. I completely recommend them.
  • Jodie
    03-07-2012 21:25:47
    I've gained a degree by using distance learning but what's even better about elearn is that there are no deadlines so you really can fit it in around existing commitments - brilliant!
  • Gemma Giles
    28-06-2012 23:51:57
    Im so pleased with my course, i am studing at times to suit, take breaks when needed and am enjoying the process.
  • Gemma
    26-06-2012 22:20:13
    Distance learning is great when you have children and need to study at hours that suit you.
  • Ann Nester
    30-05-2012 20:27:46
    Just enrolled my hubby for the Health and Social Care course. He has been trying for jobs in this area, but can't get an interview because this qualification is desired in the job role. Come to the conclusion this seems the easiest route to gain the qualification himself.
  • Lindsay
    22-05-2012 19:45:24
    Elearn offer fantastic support for it's students. I find the lessons to be well constructed, and easy to follow, with all the questions for each assignment relevant to the material that you have just learned.
  • Lindsay Romano
    07-05-2012 13:54:34
    As a busy mum of four, I love how I can fit studying in around my family, I love how I can still be a full time mum, run my husbands office, and be a student.
  • Mike Anderson
    26-03-2012 14:09:07
    its great to have a tutor especially allocated to your chosen subject who knows wbat they are talking about and has the experience of the chosen subject too, for me that is worth the course fee alone.
  • Vivi Anderson
    20-03-2012 13:58:30
    i also like the fact that its so easy to get hold of your tutor and the email support is first class.whenever there is a problem or a query with a course there is a reply within 48 hours.
  • Vivi Anderson
    07-03-2012 09:44:10
    studying online has so many advantages. i llke the convienience of studying at my own pace whilst also being challenged by a assignment. colleges and uni's are hard to get into these days and also very costly. With Stonebridge it makes studying affordable and accessible to all
  • Chelsea
    05-03-2012 13:17:14
    Studying online for me has been the best. I never did well in a normal school but with elearn i was able to do it in my own time and concentrate on what my task was. It was a fun way to learn for me and the feedback that the teachers give didnt take to long and they always gave their own opinion

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