Summer is the Season of Sport

Posted on 21-05-2012

So what is on this summer in terms of Sport?

  • Formula 1 Grand Prix
  • Wimbledon
  • Euro 2012

And not to mention the Olympics and Paralympics held in London this year.

This summer is set to be one of the biggest sporting summers in history. With the club football season now over, the attention now turns for football fans to the Euros in Poland and Ukraine.

With an exhilarating start already to the F1 2012 season, competition and excitement is at an extremely high level for several of the European Races coming hard and fast, and with so many former World Champions in the grid, it is really gripping to watch.

But the main focus this year in terms of sport is obviously the Olympics and Paralympics. Thousands of athletes of all shapes and sizes and from all reaches of the world travel to London (and in some cases other places throughout the UK) to test the skills and training against their peers is the pursuit of Olympic Gold Glory. From sleek cross country runners to martial arts experts and from gymnasts and swimmers to archers; London 2012 is the place to be for sport.The summer is the season that sees the biggest take up in sports, from football and swimming to running and tennis. Summer is unquestionably the season of sport participation; since the football season is over, weekends are free once again for so many people in the UK and with the weather meant to be sunny (it is the UK so no guarantees) many more people take up an active sport rather than just watching it on TV. Which is why at Stonebridge and ElearnUK we have a range of sports courses that can not only help you get in shape but also help you to train others so you can get the most out of this season of sport.

Click here to view our full range of Sports Courses

Fitness Management

If you are keen on sports or general fitness, then this is the course for you as we teach you to understand what fitness really is, and it enables you to develop a balanced fitness programme for yourself or for your clients. Click here to find out more about Fitness Management

Sports Massage

This type of treatment is finding a niche market in the health and fitness facilities, and many therapists are offering this service both as part of their employment and on a freelance basis.
This course is designed to enable therapists to have a greater understanding and appreciation of the specific needs of sports participants in the preparation for and recovery from activity. Click here to find out more about Sports Massage.

Personal Fitness Trainer

Our Personal Fitness Trainer course has been specifically designed for those who are seeking the skills and knowledge required in order to begin a career within the fitness industry. The fitness industry is expanding rapidly despite the current economic downturn; there is a high rate of employment within the industry with currently more than 6,000 fitness centres located all across the UK. This means that there has never been a better time to take the first step towards becoming a fully qualified personal trainer. Click here to find out more about Personal Fitness Trainer.

Sports Nutrition

Good, sound nutritional advice is now being sought by those who are very serious about competing and planning for an event is now becoming just as important as psychological and physical preparation. Click here to find out more about Sports Nutrition.


  • AstralW
    15-02-2013 20:20:51
    I agree with Melissa, I'd like to see also some courses for sports massage for animals, especially equine and dogs massage.
  • Debs
    04-01-2013 18:23:48
    Hopefully, the Olympics has encourages more people to get involved with sports, whether it’s taking part or assisting those taking part. It has certainly revived my interest in Tennis and Badminton.
  • Daniela
    04-01-2013 10:34:36
    Excellent courses for those interested in sports
  • rebecca bath
    01-01-2013 16:18:47
    yes wendy it is hard with little ones around! wimbledon is a great sport to watch!
  • Wendy
    18-12-2012 15:55:52
    I love Formula 1 but find it hard to watch all the way through a race with 2 yound children around.
  • Patrycja Stepniewska
    06-12-2012 07:58:42
    i would love to do Personal Fitness Trainer course :-)
  • Lynn
    14-11-2012 00:15:29
    Great selection of courses! I think I would personally go for the Sports Nutrition course :)
  • April Thewlis
    12-11-2012 12:58:30
    after the olympics (which was fantastic) I think a lot of people will be looking into improving their fitness and taking up sports... we are a Fencing family here it is a fantastic sport!
  • rebecca bath
    10-11-2012 08:00:11
    all sounds very interesting and im sure alot of people will join these courses as they sound intreging
  • rebecca bath
    08-11-2012 15:56:52
    sports nutrition sounds good, and good advice for those who are interested in sport, i wish i was atheletic lol
  • Jodie
    23-08-2012 12:10:46
    I'm sure these courses have been so popular, especially after the awesome Olympics! Would love to see more sports & fitness courses especially for fitness class instructors :o)
  • Jodie
    04-07-2012 11:14:44
    I'd love to do the fitness trainer course! Elearn just offers sooo many courses I want to do!
  • Kizzi Keast
    31-05-2012 16:17:30
    I think that Sports Nutrition is definitely a good course. It's useful for everyone who engages in sport, not just those who want to use it for a profession.
  • Pablo Perez
    31-05-2012 08:16:17
    Looking forward to the summer of sport.Especially the Olympics
  • Melissa Phillips
    22-05-2012 21:25:01
    I'd love to see a sports massage course designed for animals such as horses and dogs :)

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