How do you think Distance Learning has improved your career?

Posted on 03-02-2012

It’s everyone's dream to have the ultimate job and get paid ridiculous amounts of money. I dreamed the same and was fortunate enough to get the ultimate one just 15 days after the completion of my under-graduate program. I was very happy. I decided to quit further studies and started working. I forgot that life is never the same.

I was appointed as a creative executive in one of the leading advertising agency. I worked very hard to build a career and it didn't take long for me to establish myself and begin working my way up the "ladder." Moving to a management position was my next career objective. I worked day and night for that position and after 2 years of hard work, I was nominated for the position of Creative Manager. Unfortunately, the higher management rejected the application reasoning that the minimum academic requirement for the position is graduation. I was shocked, depressed and helpless. I really had no clue what to do.

With so much available to help succeed, standing still was not an option for my career. Whatever the case, i needed to earn a graduation degree to take my career to the next level. But on the other hand, I couldn’t quit my job to go back to school to earn the credential.

Distance learning was the best and probably only option for me to gain my degree. It is defined as not only home-based study but also online education. It gave me the freedom and flexibility to learn when and where i wanted and at my own pace.

Currently i hold a masters degree and work for the same advertising agency as a Creative Director. All thanks to the DISTANCE LEARNING.

You cannot open a book without learning something.
- Confucius


  • AstralW
    15-02-2013 20:35:53
    Distance courses have given me the chance to work and deal with life responsibilities, in other words, it allowed me to progress at my own speed and capacities.
  • Daniela
    04-01-2013 10:40:21
    Its giving me the chance to upgrade myself without having to spend a lot of money and time in the classroom
  • rebecca bath
    01-01-2013 16:23:36
    It looks good on your CV, but distance learning courses are good and affordable for everyone! Its good to have that choice! I think it helps everyone get that extra bit of education they need to get a job.
  • Wendy
    18-12-2012 15:57:27
    I don't think distance learning has improved my career as I do the courses as a hobby. It still looks better on your CV though - makes it look like you've done something in your spare time.
  • daniela
    10-12-2012 00:21:28
    it's making me learn more and see things different
  • rebecca bath
    18-11-2012 16:21:49
    my distance learning course def helped me with my cv, helped me with jobs and improved my learning, you learn something new all the time. This has really helped me thanks to everyone at stonebridge for the incouragement
  • rebecca bath
    15-11-2012 10:32:36
    my distance learning courses, have already helped me learn new things about helping animals in different ways, also will help my Cv in looking good and hopefully make new employers see what you have achieved and also makes you feel very proud to achieve this in your life, im very proud thanks to elearn and stonebridge thankyou :)
  • rebecca bath
    10-11-2012 08:33:23
    they have helped me by learning more about animals and hopefully i can make my ambitions come true by applying for veterinary practices and full fill my dreams
  • rebecca bath
    08-11-2012 16:00:39
    i think the distance learning courses have helped me threw making my CV better, josie advised on updating Cv, it has helped me in finding work experience, now i just got to find a part time job in which i want it to be animal related
  • Jodie
    02-10-2012 12:36:41
    distance learning has been a great way to bulk out my CV, keep my brain active and hopefully put me ahead of the field when it comes to applying for jobs. Having used many providers I can say that the turnaround time for ,marking assignments at Stonebridge is remarkably fast. :o)
  • Jodie
    24-05-2012 16:02:42
    Distance leaning has helped me work towards a qualification whilst I've been too unwell to work. Giving me a sense of purpose and improving my career prospects for when I return to the work place.
  • Lindsay
    22-05-2012 19:53:10
    Studying with Elearn is not only giving me the chance to improve my career options, but also allowing me to do so while not sacrificing my home life, and other commitments.
  • Vivi Anderson
    26-03-2012 14:42:30
    we all have our vision of our dream job, which many if us are unfortunatly unale to achieve be it for one reason or another. but i think learning via distance gives anyone an edge into achieving thier dream jobs. with stonebridge for expmple not only does it offer high quality course. but also in many cases professional memberships and this is worth its weight in gold and can certainly help people acheive thier dream jobs. it has definatly furthered my career.and i really dont think this would have been possible without stonebridge and elearn
  • mike anderson
    29-02-2012 16:47:14
    Distance learning not only improves your c.v but gives a boost mentally as well as give confidence to take your chosen field of work further
  • Mike Anderson
    27-02-2012 13:53:30
    It has certainly helped me in my chosen field, The course i completed has already paid for itself and more, not only in a financial sense but in a learning sense too,
  • Steven Nicol
    25-02-2012 22:49:01
    Ive recently been promoted to a manager and your course gave me the confidence to do this so thank you.
  • Melissa Phillips
    03-02-2012 16:49:09
    I'm hoping my Anatomy and Physiology course and my Psychology course (as well as advanced anatomy and physiology I plan to take) will gain me a career in medicine :)
  • Kizzi Keast
    03-02-2012 13:27:54
    My distance learning will give me new skills and allow me to move into a different area of work, one I am much more interested in. Right now though, simply doing the course has already improved my knowledge and I feel more confident in tackling issues in my current workplace which had earnt me more respect from my managers.

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